Arthritis Remedies for Dogs

Arthritis can have a substantial effect on your dog’s quality of life . While natural remedies are popular sometimes it becomes essential to take medical help for relief. Below are some common arthritis reliefs for your dogs:

Arthritis Remedies for Dogs

  1. NSAIDs & DMOADs

These both medications are commonly prescribed by the veterinarians to reduce pain and inflammation. They usually target joint diseases and help in improving the functions of joints. These drugs also work as long term treatments for dogs.

  1. Laser Treatments

Other remedies for Arthritis in dogs also include laser treatments. These treatments help in reducing the stiffness and joint pains.

  1. Injectable Therapies

When we consider Arthritis Remedies for Dogs, there are some dogs that struggle with oral medications, Injectable therapies like Adequan offer as an alternative. The process involves series of injections over several weeks. There treatments include substances that lubricate joints, providing long lasting relief.

  1. Surgeries

In several cases where injections are ineffective, surgeries can be considered. Procedures like arthroscopy and total joint replacement can reduce pain and restore the natural joint function.


Its important to consult your veterinarian while considering Arthritis Remedies for Dogs, to maintain a healthy treatment plan for your dog according to the diet and body condition. However, with proper medications and care arthritis dogs can also enjoy a normal and better quality life.