Babcock Grasper For Accurate Minimally Invasive Surgery

Babcock graspers are used to have a firm grip on the tissue while performing different forms of surgeries. They are most commonly used for gynecological laparoscopic procedures. Babcock grasper is used to sweep away the bowel and hold the tubes firmly.

These laparoscopic instruments are designed to reduce tissue trauma and increase the detection of abnormalities It is a versatile and flexible laparoscopic instrument that allows surgeons and doctors to perform laparoscopic surgeries efficiently.

Babcock grasper is a firm grasping forceps that allows the surgeon to manipulate the tissue accordingly. The jaws of the instrument are straight which makes it easier for the surgeon to have a firm grip on the tissue. The grasper has dimensions of 5mmX33cm in length. Surgeons can easily hold it in their hands while performing the surgery.

Specially designed to apply a secure yet firm grip on the tissue. Exerting an incorrect force might damage the tissue, therefore, accuracy and precision are very important.