21day smoothie diet program review

Is The Smoothie Diet Healthy?

Whenever we go for any weight loss plan, the first question which pops up in our mind is

“Is this plan healthy?”

And we usually get stuck with many questions like;

“Should we trust this?”

“Is it worth it?”

“Will it really be beneficial?”

And many more.

So here we are with all the information and all the answers to your questions about “The Smoothie Diet”.

So let’s jump to this “The smoothie diet 21-day program review”.

What is ” The Smoothie Diet”:

The Smoothie Diet is a 21-day smoothie diet program created by Drew Sgoutas, who is an admirable nutritionist and certified health coach (not registered).

It is claimed that if you replace some of your meals with the given smoothies, you can lose weight rapidly and easily. But here arises a question, Is replacing a meal with a smoothie healthy?

(Well, we will answer this question later in this article.)

The program teaches how people can replace their solid foods with natural and healthier smoothies. This plan guarantees considerable weight loss in just three weeks.

Smoothies can help lose weight. But all the difference is made by ingredients, their amount, and overall eating plan.

Mr Drew created “the 21-Day Smoothie Diet” to help his clients. His e-book, “The Smoothie Diet” includes thirty-six smoothie recipes, shopping lists, and a three-week schedule with all the details about which smoothies to prepare each day. The e-book also offers a “3-day detox” plan with instructions and recipes to replace three meals a day with smoothies.

But are smoothies good for weight loss?

Smoothies are an outstanding option for those who want to lose weight. With all the essential nutrients, the drink keeps us fuller for a long time and deters the cravings for unhealthy foods.

Research has found that if we replace a meal in liquid forms, such as protein-fruit-vegetable shakes, it is helpful for weight loss.

This 21-day smoothie diet plan also advises to eat normally for one day per week and healthy foods are suggested for that day as well in this plan.

Official Website:

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the 21 day smoothie diet program

Difference between The Smoothie Diet And Liquid Diet:

Usually, people confuse the Smoothie diet with the liquid diet, however, these both are totally different. In most liquid diets, you ditch all your meals and just go for consuming different liquid calories. While the smoothie diet contains smoothies that are prepared by using healthy ingredients like vegetables and fruits.

In this smoothie diet plan, you do not quit eating your meals, Instead, you only replace one or two meals per day with smoothies.

How To Start The Smoothie Diet?

As we mentioned earlier, Mr Drew Sgoutas has created this program and his ebook is available for a proper guide. Everything is made easier for the clients who want to lose weight through this Smoothie Diet. It contains,

  • Healthy smoothie recipes
  • Every week’s shopping lists
  • Eating plans
  • A detox guide
  • And a detailed guideline on how to use all the available information.


So it made it easier to follow this plan. Anyone with the determination to lose weight can start this smoothie diet easily with all the guidelines available in this program.

What Can Be Eaten?

On the 21-Day Smoothie Diet, users prepare and drink two smoothies a day replacing their meals. The smoothie ingredients vary.


Some guidance on the one solid-food meal, which followers are advised to consume each day, is available in the Smoothie Diet ebook. You are also allowed to eat normally one day per week, but according to the recommendations in the e-book.

Reasons, Why follow The 21-day Smoothie Diet Plan:

There are many diet plans which prove to be highly effective and work definitely if followed properly. But why should we follow this 21-day smoothie diet plan?

Here are few reasons.

  • Easy To Follow:

If you buy the 21-day smoothie diet plan by Drew Sgoutas, you can follow it anytime, anywhere. It is very easy to be followed. People with hectic routines who cannot follow proper eating patterns and end up eating unhealthy foods can also follow this plan easily as the smoothies are easy to prepare and take less time.

  • Increased Nutrition Intake

Smoothies are prepared using healthy ingredients like fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and low-fat dairy products. All these foods contain different nutrients. By combining all these food groups in one drink, you actually boost your nutrients. So it is okay to replace your meals with smoothies.

  • Energetic Smoothies:

Just like other diet plans, you may be wondering that you might be facing shortage of energy. But let us assure you, this is not the case with the smoothie diet plan as this is different. You drink healthy smoothies prepared according to the healthy smoothie diet recipes. You will always be energetic and completely healthy both mentally and physically.

  • Weight Loss:

Weight loss mainly depends on lowering calorie intake. Smoothies, especially protein shakes, promote weight loss by diminishing the number of calories you consume per day.The smoothie diet aims to restrict each of your smoothie recipes to various servings. The reason behind this is that each serving contains a specific number of calories. If you take more than the recommended servings, you risk having a calorie abundance which leads to weight gain.

3-day Detox:

As we mentioned earlier, This 21-day smoothie diet program includes 3 days of 3 specially designed meal replacement detox smoothie recipes as well. This Detox program is well worth the price of the entire program. This is something you can do before you start the 21-Day smoothie diet program to help clear out the body from toxins and get your body ready for adequate results. It can also be used anytime you want to lose a few pounds rapidly.

Pros And Cons Of The Smoothie Diet


  • Increased nutrients intake
  • the smoothie recipes emphasise fruits and vegetables
  • easy to follow
  • less calorie consumption
  • promote weight loss


  • High in sugar
  • Lacks Scientific support
  • Difficult 3-day detox

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