Natural remedies for Diabetes

Using natural remedies for diabetes is the best option instead of going for the allopathic treatment. There are dozens of natural remedies for diabetes and one of them is explain in detail below:

Natural remedies for Diabetes

Can you even imagine that you can cure your diabetes using Indian Gooseberries? Yes! Indian Gooseberries, these are also known as Amla (in local language). Vitamin C is considered as the main property of the Amla and its extracted juice helps the pancreas to function properly (an organ present in the body and is responsible for the sugar excretion).


Take 2-3 Indian Gooseberries, remove the seeds form it and grind it into the fine paste, put the paste in the cloth and squeeze out the juice. Mix two table spoons of the extracted juice of the Indian gooseberries with the one cup of the water and drink it daily on an empty stomach. This method has appeared to be effective with many people but it does not mean that it works for 100% diabetes patients.

Somehow, if above mentioned natural remedy for diabetes does not work then here I have another method which could help you in curing the diabetes from gooseberries.

This method is an alternate of the above method, in this method mic one table spoon of Indian gooseberry juice in a cup of bitter gorge and drink it on the daily basis and this doing for few months.

This methods also does not work for the 100% people, in other words, I should say this methods sometimes does not cure the diabetes 100% but it lowers down the glucose level in the human body.

Some people may disagree that Natural Remedies For Diabetes do not work but it is not true in fact, sometimes nature remedies for diabetes heals more than that of the allopath medics.

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