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Complex ​drug addiction treatment in a hospital. Putting the addict in a rehabilitation center is the only way to achieve good therapy results.

A patient with drug addiction is isolated from the negatively influencing environment. Inpatient treatment minimizes the likelihood of relapse, which is very important in the early stages of recovery.

In the hospital, a drug addict patient is under the round-the-clock supervision of a narcologist, psychotherapist, and doctors of other specialties.

A comprehensive drug addiction recovery course consists of several stages, each of which is very important for a sustainable result:

Detoxification Of The Body

When a person is in an inadequate state, experiences physical suffering, he is unable to make sound decisions. Detoxification contributes to a quick and safe clearance of the drug from the body, the return of sobriety, and normal well-being.

Individual Work With A Psychotherapist

An experienced professional knows how to select the right arguments. In a personal conversation, in most cases, it is possible to convince the patient to undergo treatment for drug addiction voluntarily.

Complex Therapy Using Drug Addiction Treatment Methods

A person gets rid of physiological dependence. His health is restored, as far as possible.

Rehabilitation Of Addicts After Drugs

To cure a drug addict completely is to teach him to live in sobriety in the real world. Psychological assistance from specialized psychologists, work in groups is aimed at changing the harmful scenarios of the patient’s behavior in critical situations, providing effective tools to overcome stress and problems without using drugs, and finding joy while staying sober. And the main thing is to say a firm no to drugs.

Working With Codependents

After a course of drug addiction treatment, a person changes, but the behavior and reactions of his close environment usually do not. Group activities with codependents help to establish proper communication and support on the path to the complete recovery of the addict.

A Drug-Free Life Is Possible

Choose a clinic where drug addiction is treated with high efficiency. It is possible to forcibly deliver for treatment with the subsequent receipt of the patient’s voluntary consent.

Drug Addiction Treatment

Before proceeding to eradicate the psychological cause of addiction, the body must be detoxified. This is a complex process that must be supervised by appropriately qualified medical personnel. With further treatment of drug addiction without isolation from the harmful environment, it is very difficult for the patient to resist the irresistible urge to receive a dose. Therefore, we strongly recommend that the addict be admitted to a hospital. In such conditions, it is much easier to go through this difficult path and get a stable remission.