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Certain drugs such as morphine seem more appealing to youngsters because they can be swallowed, snorted, or smoked, and they are often glamorized in movies, unlike heroin which appears dirty and is associated with diseases and unclean syringes. The users of these drugs can experience many negative effects such as sore nasal passages, cuts, and burns from snorting the chemicals, and often nose bleeds.

Marijuana may not have such serious physical effects, but everyday use can have a bad influence. The drug addicts spend lots of time using it for recreation and to relax, and some use it for concentration, but they end up in a substance abuse treatment program.

I think drug counseling should be given to youngsters at school but not in a forceful manner because they are young adults and deserve to be treated as intelligent human beings not people without a right to learn from their own experience. They should be given the facts and not propaganda such as ‘Marijuana will make you a criminal.’

Art and music can be used as a powerful tool when trying to persuade users to kick the habit and attend a substance abuse treatment program. If you consider that many ecstasy and cocaine users enjoy nightclubs and rap music fans who love graffiti art, it is important that these creative outlets are harnessed as a method for informing young and other persons about the options for attending a drug detox. It may be hard to compete with the artwork and music which drug and substance users are used to because some of the greatest musicians ever to have lived have used drugs at some point.

When employing an artist to perform possibly at a school or substance abuse treatment program facility, you will want to find one which is popular amongst a wide range of pupils or persons, maybe get them to include the message of cutting down on hard drugs subtly because nobody likes being preached to. When choosing the artists, you can still pick a talented and popular urban one, maybe asking them if they use drugs before making your final choice.

Remember, you may not see results straight away, but if you are talking to the youngsters and users on their level, you are more likely to gain that sense of trust, and they can relate when they know you may have experimented with light drugs such as marijuana when you were on the music scene.

Finally, I would like to pay some respect to the people who work hard to run hostels and drug rehab centers because they often come into contact with people in a pretty bad state. I believe if a person is seeking help, they should follow the rules set out and be grateful for the chance to better themselves. Without such institutions such as the red cross or poorly funded government hostels, who would the homeless have to turn to? I know if I was in a bad way, I would be thankful and appreciate that the workers should not have to come into contact with drug paraphernalia when they themselves are probably not drug users.