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The field of laparoscopic surgical instruments has witnessed many advancements over the years. Surgical instruments can get highly contagious if they are not properly sterilized by the doctors. Sometimes, even after sterilizing the instrument some of the residues are left-over which can be harmful to the patients for catch infections and diseases. It is because of this reason surgeons and doctors now prefer to use disposable surgical instruments.

Gerati Aroport5 disposable trocar is innovatively designed by Gerati Healthcare Pvt Ltd to ensure infection free laparoscopic surgical procedures. You don’t have to clean and sterilize the instrument again and again. Simply use it once and throw it away.

Improper cleaning of instruments leads to infections and harmful diseases. Gerati Aroport5 disposable trocar makes it convenient and easy for surgeons to reduce the risk of infections. It is constructed with a sharp end and metal shaft. The diameter of the trocar is 5mm and the length is 10cm. It can easily be hand-held. It is engineered to provide optimal surgical performance to surgeons and doctors all over the world.