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In a biological sense, alcoholism is an incurable disease. This means that there is no medicine that will restore the patient’s ability to control alcohol consumption.

An alcoholic patient is doomed either to a progressive deterioration in health and social status or to complete sobriety.

Treatment of a patient with alcoholism is not similar to the treatment of a patient with pneumonia and consists of the fact that a person learns to live without drinking alcohol at all.

Complete treatment of a patient with alcoholism is a complex multifactorial process. Various methods are used to treat alcohol dependence drug therapy, psychotherapy, and social rehabilitation.

Treatment of the patient begins with stopping drinking and treatment of withdrawal symptoms (hangover).

Treatment Of Alcoholism

If the course of alcoholism is complicated by convulsive syndrome or psychosis, treatment should be carried out in the various Psychiatric hospitals.


Stopping alcohol consumption is mandatory, but not the main goal of treatment. All patients under the influence of life circumstances periodically “quit drinking” and lead a sober lifestyle for some time. The patient’s problem is not stopping drinking (although many experiences this stopping painfully). The problem of the patient and the goal of this treatment is to preserve and maintain sobriety, and such sobriety so that the patient does not feel defective, inferior. Sobriety must have a qualitative attraction for the patient.

After completion of drug recovery treatment. psychologists, psychotherapists, and also specially trained paraspecialists should be included in helping a patient with alcoholism. An important role in this work is played by the Society of Alcoholics Anonymous (a voluntary association of alcoholics who want to achieve sustainable sobriety).