Which Tools Are Used In Laparoscopic Surgery?

When it is to know about laparoscopic surgery instruments, these include the pencil like instruments that have been designed to fit through the small cuts. These small cuts are given at the abdominal wall rather than the larger incisions that are required during the surgeries and operations.

These laparoscopic instruments are used in addition to the laparoscope. A laparoscope is a thin telescope that has been fitted with a source of cold light along with a video camera. Inert gases such as carbon dioxide are used in order to inflate the abdominal region. It results in increasing the distance between the abdominal walls and the organs offering a larger field to operate. Common instruments meant for laparoscopic surgery include the laparoscope, trocar, needle driver for suturing, surgical mesh, and bowel grasper.

Laparoscope: These are the oldest instruments that are used by practitioners since older times. Modern laparoscopes are used for minimally invasive procedures with simple tubes and then developed in to lenses for the magnified visions. These days these scopes are more likely to be apparatus that has multiple parts. These include the viewing device, CCD camera, lens cleaner, and an energy supply device.

Trocar: It is shaped like a pen and possesses a triangular point. They are usually placed inside the hollow cannulas and inside the body, cavities to facilitate the draining fluids.

Needle driver: It is used by laparoscopic surgeons to hold the suturing needles while closing the wounds. It has three parts the jaws, the handles, and the joints. It is classified on the shape of the jaw.

Surgical mesh: It is an implantable device serving as scaffolding for the natural tissues to grow in to the area reinforcing it. However, it is the tissue itself that is responsible for repair.

Bowel grasper: It is used when there is minimal invasive bowel surgery. They are maneuvered through incisions that are no larger than 5mm. They enable the surgeons to grasp and then manipulate abdominal tissues in a precise manner.

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