Treatment Of Alcoholism – How Can it be Possible?

In a biological sense, alcoholism is an incurable disease. This means that there is no medicine that will restore the patient’s ability to control alcohol consumption.

An alcoholic patient is doomed either to a progressive deterioration in health and social status or to complete sobriety.

Treatment of a patient with alcoholism is not similar to the treatment of a patient with pneumonia and consists of the fact that a person learns to live without drinking alcohol at all.

Complete treatment of a patient with alcoholism is a complex multifactorial process. Various methods are used to treat alcohol dependence drug therapy, psychotherapy, and social rehabilitation.

Treatment of the patient begins with stopping drinking and treatment of withdrawal symptoms (hangover).

Treatment Of Alcoholism

If the course of alcoholism is complicated by convulsive syndrome or psychosis, treatment should be carried out in the various Psychiatric hospitals.


Stopping alcohol consumption is mandatory, but not the main goal of treatment. All patients under the influence of life circumstances periodically “quit drinking” and lead a sober lifestyle for some time. The patient’s problem is not stopping drinking (although many experiences this stopping painfully). The problem of the patient and the goal of this treatment is to preserve and maintain sobriety, and such sobriety so that the patient does not feel defective, inferior. Sobriety must have a qualitative attraction for the patient.

After completion of drug recovery treatment. psychologists, psychotherapists, and also specially trained paraspecialists should be included in helping a patient with alcoholism. An important role in this work is played by the Society of Alcoholics Anonymous (a voluntary association of alcoholics who want to achieve sustainable sobriety).

How To Alcohol Affects Your Life

Short-term consequences which depend on the blood alcohol level

Alcohol is a psychoactive product. It changes consciousness and perceptions, and therefore feelings and behaviors. The immediate effects depend mainly on the blood alcohol level.

An increased risk of road accident

Even if the person does not realize it, the effects of alcohol start to appear from the first drink. Alcohol increases reaction time. It decreases reflexes, alertness and resistance to fatigue. It also disrupts vision, the estimation of distances and the coordination of movements. In addition, its disinhibiting effect leads one to underestimate the danger and thus to take risks: “forgetting” to buckle up or wear a helmet, excessive speed, and so on.

The risk of being responsible for a fatal traffic accident is multiplied by 8 in the event of alcohol consumption. This risk increases very rapidly depending on the alcohol level in the blood: it is multiplied by 6 for a rate between 0.5 and 0.8 g / l, and by 40 for a rate greater than 2 g / l.

An increase in psychosocial risks

  • self-aggression
  • hetero-aggression, including domestic violence
  • unprotected and/or unwanted sex

Medium and long term consequences even with low consumption

Even without being a very heavy consumer or alcohol-dependent, alcohol consumption has an influence on the development of many pathologies: cancer, cardiovascular and digestive diseases, diseases of the nervous system and mental disorders … Alcohol can also be at the origin of more banal difficulties like fatigue, too high blood pressure, sleep disorders, memory or concentration problems, etc.


Alcohol is a proven carcinogen (group 1) classified as such since 1988 by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

The risk of developing certain cancers increases from a daily glass of alcohol regardless of the alcohol consumed whether it is wine, beer or hard liquor. Thus, 19% of cancers attributable to alcohol develop in men who drink less than 40g of alcohol per day and in women who consume less than 20g of alcohol per day.

In France in 2015, 8% of cancers were attributable to alcohol, or around 28,000 cancers. It is the second cause of preventable cancer after tobacco. This represents approximately 28,000 cancers attributable to alcohol in France, out of the 352,000 new cases of cancer affecting adults over 30 years of age each year.

Seven cancer sites have a proven link with alcohol consumption: cancers of the mouth, larynx, pharynx, esophagus, liver, colon-rectum  and breast

Cardiovascular disorders

Regular alcohol consumption raises blood pressure and increases the risk of hypertension.

The effect of alcohol on blood pressure is dose dependent, but the risk of high blood pressure  increases differently in men and women:

in men: Any alcohol consumption is associated with an increased risk of high blood pressure.

in women: the risk is increased for consuming more than 30 g of alcohol per day.

It also promotes the risk of cerebrovascular accidents  (hemorrhagic stroke) and atrial fibrillation (increased risk of occurrence from 10g of alcohol per day in men and 30g of alcohol per day in women).


There is a dose dependent effect between alcohol consumption and cirrhosis. At the origin of progressive destruction of hepatic cells replaced by fibrous tissue, cirrhosis is significantly increased after consumption:

In women from 24 to 36g of alcohol per day

In men from 36 to 48g of alcohol per day

Mortality from cirrhosis is significantly increased for any alcohol consumption in women and from consumption of 12 to 24g of alcohol per day in men.

Effects on the brain

In addition to disturbances in attention, concentration, memory, abstraction capacities and executive functions, chronic alcohol intoxication can be the cause of Korsakoff syndrome, characterized by massive impairment and irreversible memory, a tendency to fabulation to compensate for memory loss, mood disorders, etc.

The addiction

When addiction sets in, the harmful consequences are numerous and affect all spheres of the drinker’s life. The state of health deteriorates both physically and psychologically. Relationships with relatives are disrupted and professional life can also be affected.

Alcohol dependence is particularly toxic on the nervous system and causes many disorders:

  • encephalopathies, resulting from vitamin deficiencies
  • cognitive disorders, such as dementia
  • epileptic seizures
  • neuropathies

Content of a standard drink in pure alcohol

These equivalences are based on the standard alcohol levels contained in alcoholic beverages. Thus, the capacities of standard glasses are different depending on the degree of alcohol more or less highly of the alcoholic drink.

Which Tools Are Used In Laparoscopic Surgery?

When it is to know about laparoscopic surgery instruments, these include the pencil like instruments that have been designed to fit through the small cuts. These small cuts are given at the abdominal wall rather than the larger incisions that are required during the surgeries and operations.

These laparoscopic instruments are used in addition to the laparoscope. A laparoscope is a thin telescope that has been fitted with a source of cold light along with a video camera. Inert gases such as carbon dioxide are used in order to inflate the abdominal region. It results in increasing the distance between the abdominal walls and the organs offering a larger field to operate. Common instruments meant for laparoscopic surgery include the laparoscope, trocar, needle driver for suturing, surgical mesh, and bowel grasper.

Laparoscope: These are the oldest instruments that are used by practitioners since older times. Modern laparoscopes are used for minimally invasive procedures with simple tubes and then developed in to lenses for the magnified visions. These days these scopes are more likely to be apparatus that has multiple parts. These include the viewing device, CCD camera, lens cleaner, and an energy supply device.

Trocar: It is shaped like a pen and possesses a triangular point. They are usually placed inside the hollow cannulas and inside the body, cavities to facilitate the draining fluids.

Needle driver: It is used by laparoscopic surgeons to hold the suturing needles while closing the wounds. It has three parts the jaws, the handles, and the joints. It is classified on the shape of the jaw.

Surgical mesh: It is an implantable device serving as scaffolding for the natural tissues to grow in to the area reinforcing it. However, it is the tissue itself that is responsible for repair.

Bowel grasper: It is used when there is minimal invasive bowel surgery. They are maneuvered through incisions that are no larger than 5mm. They enable the surgeons to grasp and then manipulate abdominal tissues in a precise manner.

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Use Gerati Aroport5 Disposable Trocar For Infection And Disease Control

The field of laparoscopic surgical instruments has witnessed many advancements over the years. Surgical instruments can get highly contagious if they are not properly sterilized by the doctors. Sometimes, even after sterilizing the instrument some of the residues are left-over which can be harmful to the patients for catch infections and diseases. It is because of this reason surgeons and doctors now prefer to use disposable surgical instruments.

Gerati Aroport5 disposable trocar is innovatively designed by Gerati Healthcare Pvt Ltd to ensure infection free laparoscopic surgical procedures. You don’t have to clean and sterilize the instrument again and again. Simply use it once and throw it away.

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Use disposable Gerati Aroport 10 disposable Trocar

Disposable trocars for laparoscopic surgical procedures are available in several shapes and sizes. they’re laparoscopic surgical instruments that accompany different measurements of diameter and length. Trocars allow surgeons to perform minimally invasive surgery without the insertion of too many surgical instruments. They act as a port for surgeons to provide a secure opening to insert laparoscopic instruments in a human body.

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The Ultimate L-Hook Electrode To Increase Laparoscopic Surgical Efficiency

Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive surgical process that requires the use of delicate and precise instruments. To increase efficiency and productivity while performing laparoscopic procedures it is important to have high-quality instruments in the operation theatre. Surgeons and doctors want the best for their patients, therefore they ensure that they choose the best-quality instruments.

Electrodes come in different sizes and shapes. They are important laparoscopic instruments that make the process convenient and easier. These delicate instruments are designed to have the optimal tissue piercing. They help surgeons to create cuts for the treatment of pain. Gerati L-hook Electrode monopolar single use is engineered for the use of carrying out successful laparoscopic surgeries. They are disposable and come in a box of 10 pieces. The dis possibility of the L-hook electrode monopolar single use ensures that the patient is safe and secure from harmful infectious diseases which are usually caused by misuse of reusable electrodes.

Reusable Gerati G-Port 10 Reusable Trocar Is Cost-Effective And Efficient In Usage

Laparoscopic instruments are important tools to carry out different laparoscopic procedures but they are expensive. You cannot replace and repair them frequently. Therefore, it is important for you to properly clean and sterilize them to increase their efficiency and longevity. Reusable instruments are highly cost-effective and save money and time.

Although with the advancement in technology, we have disposable trocars available in the market, yet the demand for reusable trocars is also there. Reusable trocars are versatile and flexible. You don’t have to throw them away and increase waste after every use. They are a great way of avoiding expenses for disposable instruments.

Gerati G-Port 10 is a reusable trocar that is specially engineered for trained and professional surgeons to carry out the surgery without much hassle. It comes with a magnetic valve and allows easy insertion of instruments. The dimensions of the Gerati G-Port 10 reusable trocar are 10mmX10cm. Buy the best reusable trocar to make the process of surgery less traumatic.



Reduce The Risk Of Infections By Using Disposable Cholangiogram Forceps

In order to reduce the risk of infections and impurities, surgeons, hospitals, and operation theatre rooms are beginning to use basic laparoscopic instruments which are disposable. They are encouraging the one-time usage of instruments to make sure the patients are safe and secure.

While recovering after the surgery, patients might develop infections because of the negligence of doctors in using unhygienic surgical instruments. Cholangiogram forceps produced by Gerati Healthcare Pvt Ltd is a basic laparoscopic instrument that is specially designed to eliminate the risk of infections. You don’t have to clean the instrument before using it because it comes with sterilizing properties.

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Improve Your Clinical Effectiveness With High-Quality Intestinal Graspers

Graspers are laparoscopic surgical instruments that make the whole surgery procedure a lot easier to handle. They are innovatively designed to optimize the procedure of minimally invasive surgery. Instead of a single large incision, laparoscopic surgeons make a very small incision in the abdomen of the patient to remove the abnormalities with the help of specially designed laparoscopic instruments.

Graspers are introduced in the body of the patient along with other important instruments to carry out a successful laparoscopic surgery. They are inserted through a small transparent port which is also known as a trocar. To improve clinical effectiveness and reduce the risk of bowel injuries laparoscopic intestinal grasper is specially designed with long jaws. It is specially constructed to give excellent performance and the optimal grip needed to hold the tissue. The Laparoscopic intestinal grasper is disposable and easy to use. It is light-weight and durable.